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For Accurate Capital Forecasts, Granularity is Key

If you've ever worked with us, you know that we are pretty proud of the fact that we bring the smartest, most dedicated people in the industry to solve our clients' hardest problems. On our Team page you may read about some of the industry veterans that make up our leadership group. But, we want you to know that our focus on recruiting and deploying the best people extends throughout the organization.

I wish to make an example of our colleague David AndrukonisToday, we are pleased to announce David's publication - For Accurate Capital Forecasts, Granularity Is Key in the October 2015 issue (available now) of The RMA Journal.

Check out David's assessment of the relative sensitivities of the different drivers of capital to macroeconomic stress on the DFAST 2015 aggregate results. He focuses on items that affect pretax net income, taxes, dividends, and other discretionary and non-recurring items.

CLICK HERE to start reading and to download the full PDF.